Vol State contact information

Editor’s Note:
This information is accurate as of 8 a.m., CT, on Friday, March 20, 2020.
However, this information may change dependent upon the severity of the COVID-19 virus.

All locations of Volunteer State Community College are in limited operation status due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response.  The only two buildings open at the main campus are Ramer and Wood locations.  All other building are only accessible by employees.

At this time, all academic classes have been moved to an online environment from March 23, 2020, through the end of the semester.  Academic Division offices are staffed to receive phone calls and emails.  These locations are not open to the public.  Please see the contact information list below for each division:

 Business & Technology 615-230-3301 or bustechinfo@volstate.edu

Health Sciences 615-230-3330 or Suzanne.hesson@volstate.eduMeredith.young@volstate.edu

Humanities 615-230-3200 or adia.hanson@volstate.eduAlyson.carter@volstate.eduRhonda.custer@volstate.edu

Mathematics & Sciences 615-230-3261 mathscience@volstate.edu

Nursing 615-230-4760 beth.tomlin@volstate.edu

Social Science & Education 615-3231 shirlean.harmon@volstate.edu

 Online Class Assistance:

If you need help with eLearn, you can reach out via email to ELearn@volstate.edu or call 615-230-3665.

 If you need help logging in, please reach out to the IT Help Desk at 615-230-3302.

Off-Campus Locations that are open with limited access:

 Vol State Springfield – 615-433-7032 annemarie.mckee@volstate.edu

Vol State Livingston – 931-823-7065 brian.reagan@volstate.edu

Vol State Cookeville – 931-520-0551 ashley.allison@volstate.edu

 Student Services are open during regular days and hours at all campus locations.  Although the use of email and phone is encouraged, staff is available for in-person visits as needed.  These locations include:

 Access Center  615-230-3472 access.center@volstate.edu

Office of Admissions 615-230-3688  admissions@volstate.edu

Office of Advising 615-230-3702  advising@volstate.edu

Adult Learners & Veterans Affairs 615-230-3447 alva@volstate.edu

Diversity & Inclusion 615-230-3461 diversityandinclusion@volstate.edu

Office of Financial Aid 615-230-3456 financial.aid@volstate.edu

K-12 Partnerships 615-230-3307 dualenrollment@volstate.edu

Records & Registration 615-230-3466 records@volstate.edu

Student Engagement & Support 615-230-3492 student.support@volstate.edu

Testing Center 615-230-3484 testing@volstate.edu

TRIO 615-230-3732 trio@volstate.edu

Vice President for Student Services 615-230-3441 vpss@volstate.edu

 Other campus locations open with limited staffing will include:

 The bookstore is open during limited hours each weekday.  Please call 615-230-3636 for daily hours as needed.

The Vol State Grill is open from 7:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Workforce and Community Development Office – Available by phone, email and appointment only.

Vol State College Foundation and Resource Development – Available by phone, email and appointment only.

The Office of Public Relations and Marketing – Available by phone, email and appointment only.

Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Assessment – Available by email and appointment only.

Business and Finance – Cashier is open.  Professional staff available by phone, email and appointment only.

Human Resources – Available by phone, email and appointment only.

Information Technology – Available by phone, email and appointment only.

Physical Plant – Available by phone, email and appointment only.

Thigpen Library – Available by phone, online chat, email and online services only.

Learning Commons – Closed to the public.

Academic Assistance is available through Tutor.com 24/7.  Tutoring by appointment will be available next week through Zoom.

More information to follow.

10 Ways to Pass Time in Quarantine

Editor’s Note:

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 accelerating around the world, and especially in the United States, many more people find themselves confined to their homes in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. This call for social distancing and for staying at home by health and government officials, has millions of people quarantined in their homes until the situation is under control.

Many may find this time boring, or it may drive them mad, or some may even find respite from the fast pace of everyday life that has come to a stop. Whatever the case, for the time being it appears this is the way it is going to be, and one will and should do his or her part to stay home as much as possible to slow the spread. On that note, Harley Keene, one of our writers, has compiled a list of things one can do while quarantined within the walls of one’s own home. This way this time of break and disruption of everyday life does not seem so bleak, empty, or terrible.

By Harley Keene: 
1.) Workout! It’s the perfect time to work on your physical health.
2.) Read all of those unread books you’ve been putting off.
3.) Binge-watch any shows or movies you haven’t had time for.
4.) Get outside! Although you can’t go into the world much, you can still take a brisk walk around your neighborhood to soak up the sun.
5.) Take up gardening! It’s the perfect time to make your yard look great for the Spring, and a way to soak up the sunlight.
6.) Try new recipes and cook more complex meals. Many of us don’t have time to try time consuming recipes in our daily lives, but being quarantined gives you plenty of time.
7.) Declutter your home! Now is the perfect time to get rid of things you don’t actually need.
8.) Clean! Making sure you’re in a good headspace is essential to being productive, and there’s no better way than being surrounded by your clean space.
9.) Do some craft projects like painting or knitting.
10.) Start a blog or a website to put time into. It can be anything you’re passionate about, and a good use of your time. It could even bring you some extra income if you’re good at it!


Top 10 Movies and Shows Being Watched During Quarantine

Editor’s Note: With many quarantined in their homes due to the pandemic of COVID-19, writer Harley Keene polled several people to find the movies and shows that are currently being binge-watched by them.  One may view these movies him or herself with a Netflix or Hulu subscription or by simply renting them online.

By Harley Keene:


1.) Big Time Adolescence (Hulu)
2.) Pet Sematary (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
3.) A Quiet Place (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
4.) Wonder (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
5.) BumbleBee (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)


1.) Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video)
2.) This is Us (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
3.) Party of Five  (Amazon Prime Video or iTunes)
4.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
5.) Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Hulu)

May 16 Graduation won’t be traditional

Graduation is now scheduled for May 16. However, the Spring 2020 Commencement Ceremony will not take place in-person due to the ongoing battle against the spread of the coronavirus. The college is looking for other ways to celebrate graduates and will communicate those details once they become available.

Major Changes to Vol State’s Spring Semester due to Virus

By Luis Quintanilla 

Starting March 23, all Volunteer State Community College classes will move to an online format in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The spring’s commencement ceremony will also not take place in-person. According to the Vol State website, the entire academic calendar for the spring semester has been shifted forward a week.

Full semester classes will resume on March 23, with second seven week classes  beginning on the same day. The last day to drop a class with a “W” will be April 3 and April 23 for second seven week classes. The last day of classes will be on May 8 with final exams from May 11-14.

Vol State’s TN eCampus classes have not been suspended and will continue with normal business.

Originally, spring break had been extended a week as classes were cancelled, but now the college is implementing major changes for the remainder of the spring semester in response to the spread of the virus. The college asks students to regularly check their emails to updates on their classes as well as check their eLearn emails for details on their classes.

Priority registration for summer and falls classes for current students has not changed and will begin on April 6 and 7 for sophomores and freshmen respectively.

In-person Work Development trainings will also see changes as they are suspended until further notice. OSHA training courses scheduled from March 17-20 will relocated to an offsite location with those involved receiving further details. Online training courses will remain the same, but many in-person training courses will be moved to an online format according to the Vol State’s announcement.

Nursing Information Sessions have also been cancelled. Vol State’s the Feed has also been cancelled for the remainder of the week.

Other events that have been cancelled according to the Vol State Website are:

Tree Day pickup scheduled for March 20 and 21

Middle College Information Night, March 24

ACT testing at Vol State on April 4 – Canceled…see the email from ACT for alternatives

All Vol State student daytime events (until further notice)

The following Vol State public events have been changed or canceled:

Community Garden work day scheduled for March 21 – Canceled

Annie Warbucks musical – Canceled

Educate A Woman – Postponed. Registrants will be contacted with a reschedule date.

Science and Math Expo, April 2 – Canceled

KEY Lifelong Learning Lectures – Canceled

All Vol State Athletic games and practices – Canceled

Ted Jones Art Gallery Talk – Canceled

Jazz guitarist Chip Henderson workshop, April 8 – Canceled

A Night in Italy – Canceled

Sophomore recitals, April 23 – Canceled

Vol State Spring Showcase concerts, May 1 and 2 – Canceled

For more information one can read the announcement at https://www.volstate.edu/news/all-vol-state-classes-moving-online-march-23-click-here-latest-updates-including-event