Vol State to host annual concert this spring

By: Barbara Harmon, Assistant Editor

Volunteer State Community College will be hosting its annual Spring Concert April 29-30, 7:30 p.m., in the Wemyss Auditorium in the Caudill building.

The first half of the show will include the Commercial Music Ensemble, Commercial Jazz Ensemble, and Bluegrass Ablaze.

The second half of the concert will include twelve original songs that will be featured on this year’s CD.

“What you will hear is a culmination of an entire year of studying for all these kids,” said Lynn Peterson, Director of the Commercial Music Ensemble and professor at Vol State.

“It gives us an opportunity to display their creativity because the original songs were 100 percent done here—they write the songs here, we record the songs here, we use our musicians to do them, we use our engineers, and then we even have our own equipment to make the albums.

“When it’s done, there is no one involved except Vol State,” added Peterson.

He said a lot of people have contributed to this year’s show.

“The Live Sound Class, under the recording group, will be doing sound,” said Peterson.

The concert is free to students who have a current student identification with them and everyone else can give a $5 donation at the door.

Peterson added that the show is paid for by other departments or other donations.

“But not one penny of that money [collected at the concert] goes to anything except music scholarships, so you’re not just giving your money away—you’re giving it to help a kid go to college,” said Peterson.

This concert has been an annual charitable event to raise money for the music scholarships since the early 90s.

“We don’t have the means to broadcast what we need—what we need is an audience,” added Peterson.

Students who are taking Music Appreciation or have a concert requirement can fulfill that by coming to this show.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase the album in the lobby on the nights of the concert.

Liz Hengber is the Advanced Songwriting Class’s teacher at Vol State, and some of her students will be performing in the show.

“I feel so proud. I know they are gonna shine at the show,” said Hengber.

She said she was surprised, when she came to Vol State, by the level of talent that her students had.

“They are so hungry to learn and that’s so incredibly inspiring,” added Hengber.

“I hope I’ve encouraged them to be the best they can be and to be open-minded to all kinds of music,” said Hengber.

Victoria Watson is in the Commercial Music Ensemble, Bluegrass Ablaze and the Advanced Songwriting Class.

Watson said that the ensembles have been practicing for this show since the beginning of the semester.

Students in the Commercial Music Ensemble suggested a variety of songs that the group would play, and they all narrowed it down together, she added.

“We all get along well. It is real fun to just walk in and just start doing random songs,” said Watson.

She said that she also enjoyed being in this group because everyone in it has the same admiration for music that she does.

Watson encourages everyone to come to the concert.

“It is going to be a lot of fun. Come out for not just the ensembles, but also to hear the songwriters because they have written some amazing songs,” added Watson.

“It kind of just shows what Vol State has to offer, as far as being in the music industry and being close to Nashville,” said Watson. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Congratulations, spring graduates

By: Blake Bouza, Assistant Editor

I feel grateful in my last two weeks at Vol State. To my fellow graduates, I just want to congratulate each of you. If your Vol State career has been anything like mine, you’ve maneuvered around and overcome things you never thought you would encounter.
To my Savior, Jesus Christ, I thank for being with me since my beginning and guiding me in all things, to whom I’d be nothing without.
My parents and family for their support and love always and through all things.
To those students who have suffered personal loss from the death of a father to the death of a beloved pet, thank you.
To those who have struggled with their living situation, thank you.
To those who have a full day of class starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 3:45 p.m. and still go to work that night, and do it all again the next day, thank you.
To those who have stuck with it the 2 ½ years or however long it has taken you, thanks.
To everyone who is moving on to a university or jumping right into their career, best of luck!
To the smiling ladies in the bookstore to the helpful librarian with the TARDIS on her desk, to every professor who gave us a second chance – thank you.
To my peers in the newsroom, I’ll miss our time together meeting deadlines and sharing in the woes of assignments. To Clay Scott, our faculty advisor, thank you for building us up and making the paper bleed red when it needed to.
All of you have impacted society and me, and shown that we can do this, that it is possible. Amidst life and chaos we can achieve something as fantastic and privileged as an education.
After all, we have a laminated piece of paper to show for it.

Editorial: Wishing the graduates good luck

By: Sara Keen, Editor-in-Chief

As another semester closes at Volunteer State Community College, we will be saying farewell to the graduating class of 2016.

Many of us find ourselves on the verge of a new challenge, whether it is going into the workforce or beginning at a university.

Some will remain here on campus for another semester, at least, while their friends begin a new journey. It is important to remember the people you have met and grown with on this campus.

We would like to thank all of the instructors who have worked hard to help us in our education. Those who have inspired students or even pushed them to do great things deserve our gratitude.

It is also important to remember the others who have helped your during this school year. Those such as the cafeteria staff or the bookstore staff who help us when we need help.

The library staff has helped students immensely over the course of this year, whether it was with studying, research or even creating an environment for both.

I could go on about the many people who work hard for the students of this campus, from Student Life and Diversity Initiatives to Student Services and Advising. The campus has a community that has worked to help its students throughout the year.

The people on this campus deserve to be remembered as you travel on in life, from friends to staff and faculty.

So, to those of you who are moving on after this spring semester, I wish the best of luck to you all.

All of us will continue to work hard and achieve our dreams and hopes for something better, be it a college diploma, our dream job or stability.

Vol State to use printing kiosks

By: Sara Keen, Editor-in-Chief

Volunteer State Community College will be implementing a new way for students to print their necessary documents.

After a rumor spread that the library would be limiting printing, many students took to social media to express their feelings about the supposed new rule.

“I can’t believe the library is about to start limiting paper!” one student wrote on the popular anonymous app, Yik Yak.

However, the library is not implementing paper limitations on students as the rumor suggests.

Sarah Smith, Director of Library Services and Learning Resources, said, “Speaking on behalf of all our staff, Thigpen Library really cares about doing what is most beneficial for students.”

However, Kevin Blankenship, Chief Information Officer, further clarified that this rumor was not true.

“We’re not actually placing limitations,” said Blankenship, “we’re piloting a new solution for printing.”

Blankenship explained that they are not looking to enforce limits, but will be implementing a quota to see how much students are printing. The quota would be adjusted as needed.

If students pass the quota, there will be ways to add more. Two ways mentioned were to contact the I.T. desk or a possible request form online.

Blankenship added, “The solution that we’re looking at would allow [students] to print from anywhere. You can print from home or anywhere with internet access.”

Kiosks will be in place for students to enter their information or identification so that they may pick up anything they need printed on their way to class.

Part of the reason this is being implemented is for the safety of student information.

“We routinely have found tax returns lying around in the library, contract documents with people’s information. There’s all this information just laying around that people leave,” said Blankenship.

Sustainability is also a reason for this new solution, and this would keep students from overprinting.

Blankenship suggested that students be sure they are only printing what they need, print double-sided and try not to use more than necessary.

Students are urged to do their part and limit paper use. For example, students can try recycling unnecessary paper or using digital copies rather than printing everything.

More information will be available to students as the solution is implemented.

“Vol State is starting to become more tech-savvy, and it’s quite pleasant,” said Jesse Versage, President of SGA (Student Government Association).

Internet to be fixed next fall

By: Blake Bouza, Assistant Editor

Volunteer State Community College students may have noticed how slowly the internet speeds have become on campus recently.

“It’s hard to get Facebook to load, and videos don’t even play,” said Daniel Berry, Vol State student.

Throttling the bandwidth was not a financial decision, said Kevin Blankenship, Chief Information Officer.

“Wireless usage on campus has grown so exponentially that it was starting to cut into bandwidth which wasn’t available, so we had to throttle it. We’ve been trying to balance it out. We’re looking at adding an entirely separate internet connection,” Blankenship said.

This separate connection will be for students, with the old connection remaining for business usage. The new connection will be four times faster than what students are using now.

Blankenship said that the new network should be up and running by next semester.