Mens basketball gets first win at home this season

By: Jim Hayes 

The Volunteer State Community College men’s basketball team scored a 98-95 win over the Bethel University Wildcat junior varsity team Nov. 5, before losing to the Vincennes University Trailblazers, 98-38 the next night.

The Trailblazers held the Pioneer guard George Stanberry to 20 points one night after he dropped 38 on Bethel.  No other Vol State player had more than four points against Vincennes.

“We got beat by a top-five team in the country,” said head coach Rusty Melvin.  “They’re stronger, faster, they are well coached, and last year were 33-2 and finished third in the national tournament.” Continue reading

WWII Comes To Life at Rochelle Center

By: Yvonne Nachtigal

Volunteer State Community College was treated to a World War II Display at the Rochelle Center in Thigpen Library Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

The exhibit featured Vol State History Faculty Member Peter Johnson’s extensive World War II memorabilia collection.

The sound of Peggy Lee’s “Waiting For The Train” 1945 added to the ambiance as students viewed the exhibit of World War II uniforms, guns, swords, flags and newspapers and more.

Johnson, who was dressed in a World War II uniform, said he started his World War II when he was eight-years-old.

“My dad bought me a helmet. That was my first helmet. My dad was a World War II veteran,” said Johnson.

Johnson mentioned that many men in his neighborhood and all of his male teachers were veterans too, which added to his interest.

Johnson said that some items in the collection were given to him by veterans, some who were neighbors. He found many other items at military shows, antique stores, and garage sales.

Johnson enthusiastically answered student’s questions and shared the stories behind several of the items in his collection.

He said the memorabilia brings history to life, and that he likes imagining what the people associated with each of the items saw.

His favorite item is a bomber coat.

“You can’t find those anymore. I’ve been offered a lot of money for it. If my house was burning down I’d run upstairs and grab that thing. Of course, I’d grab my wife too,” said Johnson.

Asked about the value of the collection Johnson said that at some point he needs to create an itemized list.

“I can tell you this much, that there is one box worth $3000. Now you’re probably all wondering which box it is,” said Johnson.

The exhibit was well received by students.

“I’m really not that interested in history, but Professor Johnson’s presentation, and being able to see the collection makes it a lot cooler. The swords were my favorite part,” said Vol State General Sciences major Brenton Kennedy.

“It gives a perspective of what it was actually like,” said student Alex Winkler.

Baseball team puts on treat to watch

By: Nick Kieser

Volunteer State Community College’s baseball program held its second annual Halloween game under head coach Ryan Hunt Oct. 30.

The tradition began last year as a fun exhibition game that the players had a chance to participate in.

“It was great to be Stone Cold Steve Austin for a day. We had some shaky spots this fall, but we got that cleared up towards the end and we’re ready to go. The first couple of games are in Florida and we’ll face some top JUCO teams. It’ll be a good test for us early to open up,” said pitcher Dalton Heath.

With the Halloween game the last game of the fall, the team will not play an exhibition game until spring season starts.


Vol State’s baseball players in costume for the game. (Nick Kieser / Athletic Department)

“It was awesome. All of the guys coming in here at the end of fall and kind of having a good time before we get some workouts in. We open up in Pensacola, Florida and there’s going to be some great competition and it’s going to be a great season,” said catcher Zeke Lecomte.

All of the participating players had on costumes, including a green army soldier to a ghost that was head coach Ryan Hunt who donned the white sheet with two holes to oversee the game.

“Just keep competing. It’s a long season and I think we have the team this year to do it. I want them to stay up and just keep competing all year long and I want to end up on top,” said Lecomte.

As of now the first scheduled game for the team is at 1 p.m. March 22 at Walters State Community College.

The last outing against Walters was a 2-0 loss in the postseason tournament the team was May 9.

“I am looking forward to just the guys getting better. Just wanting to come some get extra reps. Next week we start group work, and I am eager to see guys take the next step as far as getting ready for the season,” said Scott.

Java Jolt

By: Nick Kieser

Volunteer State Community College hosted what is called a Java Jolt in the lobby of Thigpen Library Oct. 30 and on Halloween.

Coffee was provided by Thigpen Library and it was purchased from the cafe that is in the Woods Campus Center according to Director of Library Services Sarah Smith.

“We know from our surveys of students at the end of their academic years that students think coffee in the library is important. They do not have to get up from their studies and go over to the cafe and get coffee, and at the same time it helps students focus,” said Smith.

Three coffee dispensers were in place on a table along with sugar and creamers, to note as well, students came by and were able to get information on how the library can help with writing academic papers for class.

“If I ever have questions then I could get the help I needed, and at the same time if I just walk over to the cafeteria I would have forgotten I needed to stop and get help,” said student Triana Earls-Cuozzo.

As a student worker for the library, Earls-Cuozzo was on duty to be promoting the Java Jolt event and the library services that are offered to the students.

“It’s also another a little other way to get some citation style bookmarks and take them so they can be used to write papers and then consult them for examples or information about the library in general,” said Smith.

Continuing on from the previous school year Smith interjected that the library has had this setup before around finals and hopes to have more mini-breaks like this one.

Spring Registration

By: Jim Hayes

Priority registration for sophomores planning to attend Volunteer State Community College in the spring of 2019 began Monday, Nov. 5.

Returning freshmen will be able to begin register Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Priority registration lasts through Nov. 19 for all returning students. After that new students and readmitted students will be allowed to register for the semester.

Registration will take place on the My Vol State web page, the school’s computer registration system.

Prior to registering, students should log ono their DegreeWorks page available from the My Vol State link at  That page will indicate classes to be taken or the student’s major and how many hours the student has earned.

A postcard to be mailed out to all eligible students this week recommends discussing class options with the student advisor. It also recommends visiting the business office to find out fee due dates.

Students failing to pay fees by the due date will be dropped from their classes and will have to re-register.

Here are the registration instructions for all returning Vol State Students:

  1. Go to My VolState.
  2. Click the Pride Online tab.
  3. Click “Add or Drop Classes” at the top of the center column and follow the prompts.
  4. Once a schedule has been selected from the options given, click “Send to Cart” at the top of the view schedule screen.
  5. After the courses have been sent to the registration cart, click “register” to complete the registration process.
  6. Check the class schedule to make sure the correct class has been registered for the correct classes by following the Concise Student Schedule link on the Pride Online tab.
  7. After registering, click on “Account Summary” to review the the bill and statement of fees. Fees can be paid online by VISA, VISA Check Card or MasterCard.
  8. When the transactions have completed, log out of My VolState.