Vol State welcomes new assistant vice president of Student Services


By Gloria Cortes

Volunteer State Community College’s new Assistant Vice President of Student Services Kyle Barron started April 1.

As new assistant vice president, Barron is responsible for the supervision of the offices of Disability Services, Student Engagement and Support, Diversity and Inclusion, and the TRIO program. He’s also responsible for traditional affairs and Title IX issues for students.

Sharing how he was welcomed to Vol State, Barron said, “I got a fancy tie. [I just started] and it’s been a great welcome so far. I spent a little time with Dr. Faulkner, getting to know him and his expectations for the employees and just getting to know all the offices and areas I’ll be working with on a daily basis. They’ve all been really warm receptive, and I look forward to working with them more,” said Barron. Continue reading

Adult student mentor program offers scholarship

By Allyson Oakley

Adult students from Volunteer State Community College have the opportunity to fill out an application for Pioneer Connections. This program will connect adult learners, who are willing to mentor, with other adults, that are needing guidance. The selected mentors will receive a $1,100.00 scholarship that can go towards books, tuition, fees, and other things

“Connection is a motivator. Mentors are going to be trained to be a resource. They are going to make a connection with experiential guidance to help other students who are walking in the same path that they have,” said Amy Hoffman, relational completion advisor in the Office of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs.

Sarah Davis took the day off from work to apply for the fall 2019 semester. “I haven’t been to school in ten years. It’s nice to know that I won’t be alone when I’m trying to navigate work, family and now school. I don’t want to feel like I’m the only adult student in the classroom. The online aspect is probably second nature to other students but going back to school at 30, online learning is something that I may need some help with,” said Davis. Continue reading

Be interview ready with Career Service’s job fair


By Katelyn Marshall

In being ready for a job interview, “review the job requirements and research the organization you are interviewing with,” Carol Bazenet said, who has been the administrative assistant for Career Services for six years at Volunteer State Community College. “Anticipate questions you may be asked and practice your responses, choose a conservative, professional outfit for the interview, make sure you know how to get to where you are interviewing, and plan plenty of travel time. You never want to be late to an interview.”

Bazenet added, “Attend our job fairs (the next job fair is April 24 in the Pickel Gym) and practice introducing yourself and speaking with area employers. Even if you are not interested in the job they are offering, the practice will help you develop your communication skills for the ‘real’ interview. Speak to your instructors if the job you are applying for is in their field. Ask for insight into the industry and current industry trends.”

“The most important thing you can have in an interview is confidence,” Bazenet said. “Be confident that you have made the effort to prepare for your interview and that you are the best applicant for the job.” Continue reading

New sidewalks are coming soon

By Velma Crochet

Volunteer State Community College (VSCC) is making changes around campus to help students avoid situations like this and feel safe at their campus that should always feel like home.

William Newman, Senior Director of Plant Operations said, 1,500 square feet of new sidewalk will be added to the rear side of campus, there will be repairs done to the parking lots, and seal coating to fill in cracks or prevent additional damage to the pavement.

The project is being completed by the company called CD Steger Construction, Inc. located in Brentwood,Tennessee. Continue reading

Students can relax at campus SPA day

By Lauren Fraine

The end of the semester is quickly approaching with only three weeks left until finals. Student Engagement and Support have contracted with Campus Spa to help students de-stress while preparing for finals.

“We have a company called Campus Spa that will come to campus to provide an opportunity for students to relax and take a break from studying,” said Tabitha Sherrell, Student Activities Coordinator.

Campus Spa is a company out of Pigeon Forge that brings the spa to different locations and events such as midterms, finals, orientation, welcome back events and spring flings. Continue reading