Graduation brings a closing chapter and new beginnings

Graduation is an exciting time when students close one chapter in life and begin a new one. Vol State graduates have put in the work and passed the tests. No one did it for them, and they can be proud. This landmark in their lives demonstrates their ability to succeed. Each student can share stories of their struggles and how they persevered along the way.

A college education is much more than a path to a good career. Whether students are heading off to a four-year college or going into the workforce, the hope is that students will consider their college days as just the beginning of a lifetime of continued learning. Our society needs people who remain students of history and are well-informed of current events to critically think through today’s biased media narratives and social media hype. Continue reading

To the ones who showed up

Regardless of our religious beliefs, Easter / springtime is a time to celebrate newness of life, a time of hope, and at the very least, a time to look forward to a break from studying.

This week in our Man on the Street report, we looked at how we see dwindling class sizes and students who are simply missing in action as we near the end of the semester. Our survey brought several ideas about what the causes of this are.

In contrast, on our front page this week we have the story of Sue Pedigo, a woman who showed up, weathered the storms, faced the adversity and never stopped trying for 48 long years. Continue reading

Like it or not, the race is on for 5G

On April 4, Channel 5 reported that Governor Bill Lee was in no hurry to roll out 5G in Tennessee.

Whether you are excited about being able to stream movies on your phone while sitting in a driverless car or not, people simply do not want 5G installed near their homes. Residents in Bellevue were concerned when it was revealed that a large pole that had mysteriously appeared in front of their home was a 5G cell tower. They wanted to know about long-term health effects. Neighbors received no advance notice of a tower installed on Hwy 70 in front of an apartment complex either. Continue reading

Socialism is back in vogue

Most Vol State students weren’t around in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, and people said that socialism was dead. But just 28 years later, socialism has become a popular concept again, with a reported 57% Americans having a favorable impression of socialism and only 47% favoring capitalism. But according to a New York Post editorial, “Democratic socialists don’t seem to embrace the classic definition of socialism, that being government control of the means of production – which has traditionally meant nationalizing whole industries.” Continue reading

Egging video goes viral on social media

In an example of how social media has largely replaced conventional news in our time, a video of an Australian teen egging Australian senator Fraser Anning went viral this past week. The teen was allegedly outraged by the senator’s reaction to the Christchurch, New Zealand mass shooting.

Anning had released a statement Friday calling Islam “the religious equivalent of fascism,” and blaming immigration policies for the attack.

The video shows the teen approaching Anning while he is speaking to reporters and hitting him on the back of the head with an egg while filming the whole thing with his phone. The senator responded by hurling around and punching the young man in the face. In the video, his aids surrounded the boy and not-so-gently subdued him. Continue reading