New tree is dedicated to honors professors for a class project

Sanchez, Majano, Chioccio, Hogan, and Giordani digging the tree hole. Photo by Gloria Cortes

By Gloria Cortes

A group from Volunteer State Community College’s Honors Leadership Development (HUM-275) course planted and dedicated a tree to class professors Nancy Blomgren and Julie Morgan for a project April 18.

The group members consisted of these Vol State students: Giulia Giordani, Tony Chioccio, Rachel Keyes, EJ Avery, Brianna Hogan, Esteban Sanchez, Lauren Buchanan, Gloria Cortes, Karla Majano, and Mindy Donsbach.

The class’ assignment was to make a positive, tangible, lasting (not necessarily permanent) mark on campus without using money. Continue reading

Vol State to host tribute to Albert Brumley


By Katelyn Marshall

Volunteer State Community College will present a tribute concert for music composer Albert Brumley Tuesday, April 16 at 7-9 p.m., in the Wemyss Auditorium in Caudill Hall. The tribute is free and open to everyone. No tickets are required. Jackson Brumley, the son of Albert Brumley, will be a special guest.

Brumley was born in Spiro, Oklahoma in 1905, in what was then Oklahoma Territory. According to Jackson Brumley, at a young age Albert Brumley attended the Hartford School of Music and went on to teach music throughout the south.

Jackson Brumley said his father, Albert Brumley, first got the idea of what is perhaps his most famous song, “I’ll Fly Away,” while picking cotton in an Oklahoma cotton patch, and it was first published in 1932. Continue reading

Plant sale to raise money for scholarships


Hailey Bossert

Volunteer State Professor Jeff Kent will be hosting an annual plant sale Thursday, April 18, to fundraise for student scholarships.
For those who cannot make it to the first sale, a second one will be held April 26 at the greenhouse.

All proceeds from the plant sale will go into the Math and Science Division Watlington Scholarship fund, given in honor of Joseph Conrad Watlington, according to the Volunteer State website.

At least two students per year are awarded scholarships from the profits of the sale. Continue reading

Be interview ready with Career Service’s job fair


By Katelyn Marshall

In being ready for a job interview, “review the job requirements and research the organization you are interviewing with,” Carol Bazenet said, who has been the administrative assistant for Career Services for six years at Volunteer State Community College. “Anticipate questions you may be asked and practice your responses, choose a conservative, professional outfit for the interview, make sure you know how to get to where you are interviewing, and plan plenty of travel time. You never want to be late to an interview.”

Bazenet added, “Attend our job fairs (the next job fair is April 24 in the Pickel Gym) and practice introducing yourself and speaking with area employers. Even if you are not interested in the job they are offering, the practice will help you develop your communication skills for the ‘real’ interview. Speak to your instructors if the job you are applying for is in their field. Ask for insight into the industry and current industry trends.”

“The most important thing you can have in an interview is confidence,” Bazenet said. “Be confident that you have made the effort to prepare for your interview and that you are the best applicant for the job.” Continue reading

Students can relax at campus SPA day

By Lauren Fraine

The end of the semester is quickly approaching with only three weeks left until finals. Student Engagement and Support have contracted with Campus Spa to help students de-stress while preparing for finals.

“We have a company called Campus Spa that will come to campus to provide an opportunity for students to relax and take a break from studying,” said Tabitha Sherrell, Student Activities Coordinator.

Campus Spa is a company out of Pigeon Forge that brings the spa to different locations and events such as midterms, finals, orientation, welcome back events and spring flings. Continue reading