Volunteer State Radio to hold open house

By Erin Holloway

The Volunteer State radio, WVCP, will be holding an open house to celebrate their 40th anniversary on 88.5 FM on March 16, in the Ramer building from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Former students, disk jockeys and community members are welcome to attend the open house and partake in lunch that will be served at noon.

According to the Vol State website, WVCP took to the airwaves on January 4, 1979. Continue reading

Donations needed for future educators book drive

Photo by Katelyn Marshall

By Katelyn Marshall

The Future Educators Club at Volunteer State Community College is accepting children’s book donations now until Tuesday, March 12, at 2 p.m.
Books can be donated by being placed in marked boxes in Caudill Hall and Ramer Hall.

All books will be donated to local preschools and daycares, according to Vol State’s website.

“The Future Educators book drive is a way for the club to become active on campus while collecting items for the community,” said early childhood education faculty Stacy Nieman. Continue reading

Landon Crowell sculptures give old objects new life

Landon Crowell sculpture "shimmed." Photo by Allyson Oakley

By Allyson Oakley

Inside the humanities building at Volunteer State Community College, the exhibition “Canyons of the Broken and Departed” by Ohio sculptor Landon Crowell is on display until March 28.

Crowell states, “The materials have a previous life, ranging from shelving, stud walls and even art shipping crates. This gives the elements of each piece a memory, a previous life.”

Most materials were pulled from demo projects and construction sites. Continue reading

Let’s talk about body language


By Katelyn Marshall

Join Pioneer Prevention at Volunteer State Community College for a discussion about healthy body image with guest speaker, Mackenzie Fox from Tennessee Voices for Children to speak to students about Body Image and Healthy Eating at Wood Campus center in the Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room B Feb. 28 from 2p.m. – 3 p.m., according to Vol State’s website.

“How we perceive ourselves physically has so much to do with our self-esteem,” said assistant professor at Vol State Kendal Joy Shriver, who has previously worked for Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin as a Wellness and Exercise Specialist for 22 years. She also worked at Sumner Healthplex and Sumner Station Fitness Center.

Shriver mentioned that she does not think that there is such thing called a “normal” body image. “A lot of little girls may think ‘Barbie’ is normal, but we know it is not. Body image is an individual thing, but highly influenced by our ‘ideal images’ through TV, movies, and what society claims is a beautiful body image.” Continue reading

KEY lectures keep minds engaged

By Haley Bossert

Volunteer State Community College will host a series of KEY lectures to promote lifelong learning.
KEY stands for “Keep Educating Yourself.”

The objective of these lectures is to keep participants minds engaged while informing them of various topics ranging from honey bees to caring for the elderly.

The discussion topics will be discussed in the following order: “Elder Care Law Issues,” “Wizard of Oz,” “The Reformation – 1517,” “Honey Bees 101,” “Tennessee Self-Defense Law and Firearm Simulator,” and “The Korean War and the Relevance to Current Political Issues.” Continue reading