Vol State fitness center has everything

By Hailey Bossert

Volunteer State students and staff members have free access to the Fitness Center every week day.

The Fitness Center is located in room 105 of the Wesley Pickle Field House building on Vol State’s campus. It is open Monday through Thursday, from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Fitness Center has everything from treadmills and exercise bikes to squat racks and dumbbells. Continue reading

Work Based Learning Gives Students Career Experience

WBL student and Journalism major Nick Kieser at a basketball game assignment.

By Lauren Fraine

Students at Volunteer State Community College have the opportunity to attain work experience through the Work Based Learning academic program.

In the WBL program, students work off campus and integrate classroom learning with real-life work experience while developing work-related professional and personal skills, as well as career readiness.

Through WBL, students acquire workplace savvy that is directly related to their major. Students can explore a potential career while earning college credits and pay. Continue reading

Vol State students prepare for spring break

Photo by Katelyn Marshall

By Katelyn Marshall

Spring break at Volunteer State Community College March 4-8, and there are no classes, according to Vol State’s website.

Vol State student Bailey Morgan Evans said her purpose of spring break is to enjoy time with family, friends, and reset for the other half of school. She also said that her best destination is her house.

Evans also said that most people go to the beach during spring break and that she did not know of any events that were going on during spring break. Continue reading

Vol State has a new Humanities Dean

Tonya Daniels

By Lauren Fraine

The Division of Humanities at Volunteer State Community College has a new dean this semester, Dr. Tonya Daniels.

In October 2018, former Dean Jennifer Brezina stepped down to assume the role of Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs.

During the transition period, faculty and staff put forth a helping hand to efficiently maintain the position. Continue reading

Recycling Program Suspended

Recycling at Home

By Haley Bossert

Recycling on the Volunteer State Community College campus has been suspended due to China’s refusal to recycle the West’s plastics and papers.

Approximately 45 percent of the world’s recycled plastics have been exported to China.

As of Jan. 2018, however, China has been rejecting most imports of mixed plastics under a policy called “National Sword.” Continue reading