Explore the Resources Available at Thigpen


By Katelyn Marshall

Volunteer Community College’s Thigpen Library has many available resources.

“They’re all on the website, where you should always start as a student to find them,” said Vol State’s Director of Library Services and Provider of Research assistant Sarah Smith.

“We have about 45,000 books in our print collection and they represent all disciplines, but we also have electronic resources that provide the bulk of resources for students’ academic research needs. We have millions of articles and more than 300,000 e-books, so it’s a lot more robust in our online collection in terms of what we have to offer, especially for the students who might be at a distance from the main campus in Gallatin,” said Smith. Continue reading

Erik Been art exhibit featured at Vol State

Photo by Shelby Leighton

By Shelby Leighton

Located on the first floor of the humanities building, Volunteer State Community College Gallery began showing the exhibition, “Some Sort of Conclusion,” of Las Vegas artist Erik Beehn.

Beehn’s art exhibit will be showcased on the first floor of the humanities building until Feb. 14th.

While sparking the interest of those who enjoy art, others are able to use this current exhibit as a resource for the discussion of the book, The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the inspiration for these works of art. The visual representations of the story are meant to begin conversations around agency and empathy. Continue reading

Pioneer Pen gives students an artistic outlet

By Erin Holloway

“The Pioneer Pen prints any art forms from poetry to short stories, memoirs, photography, videos, cartoons, and songs,” said Laura McClister, faculty advisor and chair of the English department.

The Pioneer Pen has been Volunteer State Community College since 1995, known as “Squatter’s Rites,” before the name was changed, and every year they print a new issue.

The Pioneers Pen makes its yearly issues from art submitted by Vol State students through the school’s website. To submit, go to www.volstate.edu, go to “Academics,” click on “English” and “Publication,” then you sign a Creative Works waiver where you give Vol State permission to print your work while you still own it.  Then, you leave your name, email address and title of your work(s). Continue reading

Crosswalks on Nashville Pike are under construction

By Gloria Cortes

Construction for a pedestrian sidewalk around Volunteer State Community College was scheduled to begin last fall.  

In an email from Vol State Senior Director of Plant Operations Will Newman, the project has already begun.

Newman wrote, “One of the two crosswalks are under construction at the moment. Once the sidewalk that leads to Nashville Pike is complete the city will complete the crosswalk.” Continue reading

Students earn college credit with Work Based Learning

By Gloria Cortes

Volunteer State Community College’s Work Based Learning (WBL) academic program gives eligible students the opportunity to earn work experience and college credit simultaneously through a course.

“Work Based Learning is an academic program that allows the student to gain work experience directly related to his/her academic major and/or vocational choice. Students work off campus and have the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical work situations and learn work-related skills,” according to https://www.volstate.edu/work-based-learning.

Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, 2.5 program GPA and 70 percent of their degree completed in order to be eligible for the program, but there can be an appeal if they are close to meeting the requirements depending on their situation. Continue reading