Vol State Police have quiet 2018

By Jim Hayes

The Volunteer State Community College Police Department had a very quiet 2018 according to the department’s 2019 Annual Security Report (ASR).

The ASR is a federally mandated report submitted to the federal government each year detailing the number of 20 specific crimes which occurred on college campuses.

The four Vol State campuses were nearly crime free in 2018 according to the report. Just seven incidents, all on the Gallatin campus, made this year’s report.

By comparison, last year, the Vol State Police Department reported 14 incidents in 2017, 10 on the Gallatin campus and four on the Livingston campus.

Most of this year’s offenses (five) occurred on the public property surrounding the Gallatin campus. The other two were on the campus itself.

Of the five off campus incidents, four were drug arrests and one was the theft of a vehicle. The two on-campus arrests were for drug law violations.

The ASR is issued each year to comply with the Clery Act which requires college campuses to publish their crime policy and statistics.

Under the act, campuses must disclose crime statistics, issue campus alerts to inform the campus community about issues which may impact their health or safety.

It also requires that programs and campaigns to promote awareness of dating and domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Those programs focus on prevention and awareness.

The ASR also contains information regarding procedures victims of dating or domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault should follow.

Institutional disciplinary procedures for those committing those crimes are also part of the report.

In addition to the SAR, the campus must submit crime statistics to the U.S. Department of Education.

The department must also publish a daily crime log of alleged criminal incidents which is open to public inspection.

The Clery Act was enacted in response to the rape and murder of 19-year-old Lehigh University student Jeanne Clery in 1986.

Clery’s parents believed that, had she known about violent crimes in the area, she would have been more cautious.

According to the SAR, only four percent of colleges and universities reported campus crime to the FBI before the law was enacted.

Math teacher says she’s ‘emotionally invested’ in campus and students

By Velma Crochet

Leah Frauendienst is an instructor of mathematics at Volunteer State Community College.

She loves teaching at Vol State and feels emotionally invested at this campus because this is

where she started her career and absolutely loved her time as a student. She has been

teaching math for general studies and college algebra for the last four years. Beginning her

fifth year teaching at Vol State she now has added another course to her agenda, math for

elementary majors.

College algebra is her favorite of the three courses to teach because it is organized and

makes a bigger connection. “Algebra is my baby,” Frauendienst said.

Yanetd Herrera said that she hated math before taking Frauendienst, math 1010 class this

past summer and now can see the other side of the math. “She is very passionate when she

explains everything in a simple manner so we all understand it. I love her attitude always

willing to answer our questions,” said Herrera. Frauendienst is easy to connect with for

help or questions to be answered because she uses remind, the app. An easy way to manage

communication—and make more time for teaching according to remind.com/teachers.

Frauendienst, received her associate’s degree at VSCC in general studies. Then she went on

to further her education at Tennessee Tech where she got her master’s degree and

bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Math always has an answer and is not subjective. She

was going to teach high school students but very quickly changed her mind teach college

instead said Frauendienst. During her college years she tutored her peers at the math labs

on campus at Vol State and Tennesse Tech.

Frauendienst was born in Minnesota and then moved to Hendersonville, Tennesse, at the

age of four. She loves the area and enjoys eating at Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe on

occasion. Her favorite time of year is fall with crisp air and beautiful landscape to see said

Frauendienst. When she is not busy helping a student, grading papers or lecturing you can

find her at a Predators game enjoying the vibe inside the Bridgestone Arena.

TRIO coordinator enjoys helping Vol State students meet educational goals

By Velma Crochet

Jean Colello is the program coordinator for Volunteer State Community College TRIO, student support services.TRIO is a federally funded program through the U.S. Department of Education that offers college planning, retention, graduation and four-year transfer. First-generation college students, pell eligible students and students with a disability may all apply for service at TRIO. She has been working at VSCC for 10 years, four as a part-time TRIO academic retention specialist and the last six in her current position as program coordinator.

Colello’s favorite part of her job is assisting students to reach their academic goals. Whether their goal is to transfer to a four-year school or go out into the workforce after graduation. She is ready to help students find a tutor, check out a laptop, transfer plans or just being there to celebrate a good grade on an exam.

Ayoub Abdulla has been a TRIO student working with Colello for two semesters.”Helping me get registered each semester and linking me to the right people I need to get help from is how Jean has helped me,” said Abdulla. He also said how Colello reaches out to other students to inform them of the services at TRIO and try to help as many students as she can reach.

Lisa Jacobs, administrator assistant at TRIO has worked with Colello, for almost a year. She said the passion Colello, has for helping the students at TRIO really stands out to her.” She is devoted to her students,” Jacobs said.

Colello grew up in Long Island, New York, and went to school at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. She moved to the Nashville area about 11 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio, for her husband’s job. “I have really enjoyed seeing Nashville grow and develop. When you have lived near big cities most of your life, New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, you like being able to spend the day in the city,” said Colello.

She has been married to her husband Michael Colello, for 33 years and they have two grown children Michael and Julia, with one very spoiled dog named Jack. Michael is from a big Italian family so they enjoy a big traditional Christmas Eve and Day celebration. It is all about the family preparing the meal and going to church.

Now that her children are grown they enjoy going downtown Nashville to a different restaurant each time. “One of our favorites so far is, The Chef and I,” said Colello

Food insecurity talk slated

By Velma Crochet
Volunteer State Community College student engagement will host Chris Whitney, a founder of One Generation Away at “Let’s talk about food insecurities on Sept. 19, 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. in
the Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room B at Volunteer State Community College. Llunch will be provided while supplies last.
Students will learn how widely this affects our student community, 15 percent of the students are food insecure Tiffany Zwart, Coordinator of student support said.
Whitney, alongside his wife Elaine founded One Generation Away in 2013. Within the first year they distributed 400,000 pounds of food from the backseat of their car, according to their
website www.onegenaway.com.
One Generation Away has a mobile pantry that delivers food throughout middle Tennessee in a semi truck.Whitney is making healthy food available to everyone. The person is given a shopping
cart to be able to choose healthy food for their family at the mobile pantry. He will speak about his food ministry and the fact that some people don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
Kennedy Kemp , student at VSCC did not know about “The Feed,” (Vol State’s on-campus food pantry) or “Let’s Talk About Food Insecurities.” She is fortunate to have a job and family
support while attending VSCC to ensure her next meal.
At her previous campus, away from home, she often wondered where her next meal would come from.
“ I am glad you informed me on “The Feed.” I wish we had had something like this year’s ago I wouldn’t have been stressed out,” said Kemp.

New DVDS offered at Thigpen

By Luis Quintanilla
The Volunteer State Community Library recently added new movies to it’s catalogue.
On September 3 the Vol State library added a variety of new movies available to rent. The 15
recently added movies range from action and adventure, comedies, to dramas.
Some of the most highly rated movies on the list are Blood Diamond, Ocean’s Eleven, and the

Blood Diamond (Drama/Thriller) Rated R:
According to IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, Blood Diamond follows the story of Mende
fisherman Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) and former mercenary Danny Archer (Leonardo
DiCaprio) and their quest to track down a rare gem in the midst of a raging civil war in Sierra
Leone.The movie takes place during the real life civil war that took place in Sierra Leone in the
early 1990s, and it portrays the dramatic backdrop and atrocities of war while on their quest.
Solomon is a fisherman who is kidnapped and forced to work in the diamond mines by the
rebels. While working, he finds a rare pink diamond and attempts to hide it. His captors take
notice, but before they can act they are attacked by government troops and imprisoned. In prison
Archer learns of the diamond and plans for Solomon’s release and both embark on a quest to find
the diamond. Solomon seeks to find his family, while Archer seeks to find a second chance.
Ocean’s Eleven (Crime/Thriller) Rated PG-13:
IMDb states this is a remake of the original 1960’s heist movie, Ocean’s Eleven. In this
contemporary version, Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, is fresh out of prison and is
already planning his next big move. His plan? To rob three of Las Vegas’s biggest casinos and
steal $150 million hidden away in a vault beneath them. He links up with his right hand man,
Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) and together the two recruit a gallery of 9 criminals each with their own
speciality for the job. The heists brings together a cast of colorful criminals: the card dealer, a
pickpocket, an explosives expert, the surveillance man, the frontmen, the money man, retired con
artist, and a chinese acrobat. Together the 11 will try to pull off the daring heist. The movie stars
actors such as Bernie Mac, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, and Julia Roberts.
The Fountain (Drama/Sci-Fi) Rated PG-13:
The Fountain stars Hugh Jackman as Tommy Creo, a research oncologist searching for a cure to
reverse brain tumors. His wife, Izzi, is afflicted by this disease herself. Desperate to find a cure
to save his dying wife, Creo turns to any possible solution to barr the arrival of her death. The
movie then takes twists and turns through literal time and space stated IMDb as the story is taken
back to the age of the conquistadors as Jackman’s character is now a conquistador in the service
of the queen of Spain. His task is to prevent the death of the queen by finding the Tree of Life in
the New World. The story then jumps to a different time and setting, where Jackman’s character
is an astronaut heading towards a nebula in space housing a living tree which promises to prevent
his lover’s death. The three separate narratives serve as allegories of the century long quest to
conquer death.
Other movies available are:
● The Scorpion King (Action/Adventure)
● Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Action/Comedy)
● Miss Congeniality (Action/Comedy)
● Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (Action/Comedy)
● 300 (Action/Drama)
● Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Adventure/Comedy)
● Blood Diamond (Drama/Thriller)
● Watership Down (Animation/Action)
● The Little Mermaid (Animation/Family)
● Saved! (Comedy/Romance)
● Hitch (Comedy/ Romance)
● Ocean’s Eleven (Crime/Thriller)
● Ocean’s Twelve (Crime/Thriller)
● Ocean’s Thirteen (Crime/Thriller)
● Akeelah and the Bee (Drama/Family)
● The Fountain (Drama/Sci-Fi)
● Original Sin (Drama/Mystery)
These movies, along with the others recently added, can be rented by students from the Thigpen
Library for free for a week with their Vol State student ID.