Vol State baseball splits two vs. Parkland

Photo by Erin Holloway

By Erin Holloway

Volunteer State Community College’s baseball team faced off against Parkland College in a cold and windy double header Monday, Feb. 25.

In a tight first game, the Pioneers were able to hold off Parkland for a 4-3 win.

“Pitching was very effective- that’s what got us the win,” said assistant coach Jason Barrett. “They came out and competed. They have the talent, it’s there. If they just play hard and compete like they did in game one, it’ll pay off.” Continue reading

Volunteer State radio to hold open house

By Hailey Bossert

The Volunteer State radio, WVCP, will be holding an open house to celebrate its 40th anniversary on 88.5 FM on March 16, in the Ramer building from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Former students, disk jockeys and community members are welcome to attend the open house and partake in lunch that will be served at noon.

According to the Vol State website, WVCP took to the airwaves on January 4, 1979. Continue reading

Brother Outsider tells activist’s story


By Erin Holloway

“We are all one. If we don’t know that, we will learn it the hard way,” said, activist, Bayard Rustin. Volunteer State Community College’s own Jeff King, manager of Diversity and Inclusion Services, presented a documentary on Bayard Rustin’s life.

Rustin was a prominent activist during his life, most notably the civil rights and gay rights movements. Rustin himself was openly gay which makes his story more compelling. The documentary gives good insight on his activism, his roles in them, and even his personal relationships by interviewing his former partners.

Rustin had a fight on two fronts, civil rights and gay rights, both he cared deeply about. He was not just fighting for black people because he was black or for the gay community because he was gay. He fought for the betterment of all people not just for the ones that directly affected him. Continue reading